Natural products that stimulate all the physiological processes of the cultures.




ALGIMAR can be applied to any type of crop.

FOLIAR APPLICATION: General dose: from 150 to 300 ml/Hl

– Olive tree: 2-3 treatments in spring and one in autumn with a dose of 200-300ml / Hl.

– Shrubs and fruit trees (in nurseries): 50-100 ml/Hl every 15-20 days.

– Citrus and fruit trees: carry out 4 treatments throughout the vegetative cycle at the following times: pre-flowering, fall of petals, enlargement, and 3-4 weeks before harvest: apply 150-300 ml/Hl.

– Grapevine: 3-4 treatments of 150 ml / Hl, the first during pre-flowering and the following at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

– Vegetable plants: 2-4 treatments, from one week after planting until the beginning of the fruit’s color change, applying 10 L / ha.

– Alfalfa: apply 200 ml / Hl after each cut.

– Strawberry: Apply at the beginning of the winter period, during pre-flowering, at setting and every 15-20 days until the beginning of the harvest.

FERTIGATION: General Rate of 6-12 Liters / Ha.

– Fruit trees and other crops: apply 4-10 liters/Ha for all irrigations until 20-50 Liters/Ha is reached.